Founded in 2010, we specialize in all aspects of the haunt industry including SPFX makeup, wardrobe design, set design, and set construction, as well as set dressing. We also do prop design and fabrication, in addition to actor managing. With a combined 15 years of experience, we can assist with any aspect of the haunt industry. We design, manufacture, and carry a large line of horror movie displays, including autographed memorabilia. We also do special orders as well as custom artwork. If you have a favorite horror movie, have a design or an idea of your own, we can bring it to life. Or if you would like us to design one especially for you we can do that as well.

Jennifer Smith:

At the age of seven, Jennifer’s grandfather took her to the haunted mansion at Disneyland. She cried and cried. Her grandfather tried to explain what a haunted house was and how nothing is real and that it’s “all man made.” She reluctantly entered the ride and once the lights went out in the expanding picture room (elevator), she screamed bloody murder until she was escorted off. Years later it would become her obsession. Jennifer has always had a creative energy in her, for which she accredits her grandmother. As her biggest supporter, she approved and encouraged all of the odd things that interested her. At 15 years old, Jennifer’s older sister took her to volunteer at a haunt called The Realm of Darkness. Although Jennifer wasn’t the best actress, it did allow her the chance to form a friendship with the owners of the haunt who would later be her driving force into the haunt industry. With the support of her mom, dad, and two sisters, she moved from Orange County to San Diego, where she was fortunate enough to work for the three haunted attractions. In 2010, Jennifer started Savage Productions with co-owner Gregg Curtis, forming their own production company. Jennifer has done make-up on movie sets such as Hatchet II and independent films, and wardrobe and make-up for 3 local haunts in San Diego. She has also been lead make-up artist and wardrobe design and production for Brea’s Sinister Pointe Productions.

Gregg Curtis:

Gregg developed a love for the “scary” at an early age. At the age of 7 years old, while living in Japan, Gregg was on a public train going through Tokyo when he put on a werewolf mask that he had just bought at a street fair. After seeing the reactions of the train passengers as they migrated to the other end of the car, he knew this was something he enjoyed. Gregg started out as a home haunter. With the support of his father, he turned his garage and friends’ garages into neighborhood haunts. As an adult, he began a haunt in his own home. He has since turned his years of experience into an art, constantly coming up with new ideas and visions. Gregg started his professional career in 2003 building props for local haunts in San Diego and has since continued building for other haunts in the Los Angeles area, in addition to private clients. Gregg has worked as a prop builder, set designer, set dresser, and has worked for many years as an actor manager. In addition, Gregg has worked with many stars in the horror genre such as Kane Hodder, R.A. Mihailoff, and Tony Todd.


The Savage Productions Hearse

1971 Cadillac Fleetwood powered by a 472ci engine. Originally part of a fleet of vehicles rented to the Warner Bros Studios for various films, it now has a home with us! A special thanks to Joe Livolsi of Scheib Paint & Body in El Cajon (619) 442-0819 that did all the bodywork as well as a ROCKING satin black paint job! And a special thanks to Aaron Feaser of Feaser's Automotive (619) 766-0142 for all the maintenance on this beast and keeping her running top notch!


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